【Behind MSW】 Vol.1

【Behind MSW】 Vol.1
Hey everyone, I'm Raymond, the Game Designer for MARVEL Super WAR. I'm really glad to meet you all.
Since the launch of MARVEL Super War on December 19th of last year, we have received tremendous support from many Marvel fans and gamers. Your encouragements and constructive feedback motivate us to do what we love.
The development team has read through comments from various social channels and we are aware of popular topics such as the new hero planned for the game. Rest assured we are also thinking about this for our future updates.
Let us dive right into it!
So it would be a pleasure for me to take this chance to represent the Dev team, and share some of our views with all the watchers out there.
Vivian: Please tell us about the world "MARVEL Super War" is set in.
Raymond: MARVEL Super War is set during the time when two earths from different realities are on a collision course.
Super Heroes from both sides plan to stop this from happening and unfortunately there are disagreements on how to resolve this problem. At the heart of it all, Wakanda happens to be the battleground where the two worlds start to collide.
Vivian: Why choose Wakanda as the battleground?
Raymond: Wakanda happens to be where the initial collision will happen. You can see the river on the map has glitches that represent a violent collision is about to take place.
We thought about using a city such as New York City, however, the characteristics of tall buildings could cause unwanted interference during battles.
In order to provide a great gaming experience, we first started with an outdoor map, working with the Marvel Games team to identify one of the most unique and exciting location in the world.
We ended up with Wakanda because it is the most advanced technological nation on the planet, perfectly balanced with its beautiful nature and landscape. We can represent Wakanda with highly technological structures such as the Wakanda turrets and also provide green environments that ease players' visual fatigue during battle.
Of course, we would consider other locations in the future, but for now we would like to focus on Wakanda.
Vivian:Fantastic, let's hear about the plans for Season 2!