Behind MSW Vol.3

Vivian: Is there a current plan in place to optimize network connectivity issues?
Mr. Park: That’s a good question. First of all, as Chief Programmer for the development team, I would like to thank all of our players for their continued love and support of MARVEL Super War.
Network connectivity is always a major issue in competitive gaming and we are diligent in monitoring network connectivity of players during matches.
Network connections are affected by many factors including the Internet Service Provider the player is using, which region the player is in, etc. We are working with ISPs in many regions to improve connectivity for players while also planning long-term optimization.
First of all, we are collaborating with more CDN companies to improve the user’s experience during game update patches.
Secondly, our team is coordinating with hardware manufacturers and cloud service providers in search of the best service.
Last but not least, our excellent programmers have been refining our servers’ battle algorithm computations to reduce computing time, in other words decreasing game lag.
Nevertheless, we recommend players maintain a stable network connection when playing, to decrease lag induced by network fluctuation.
Tips from Vivian: 
Watchers, if you experience lag during gameplay, please fill out the following form to help Vivian and the development team to tackle this problem.
The information you provide us will be of the utmost help as we strive to make MARVEL Super War an overall better game.